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  • So happy to go back to Paris after MFW 💕💕
  • Morning morning babes 💕
  • Morning light 💕 #homesweethome #styleandtroubleHOME
  • Straw basket and vintage jacket 🥂
  • Back in Milano on Thursday for FW 💕
  • #tbt to when there were 25 degree in Havana 😍✈️
  • How long will I have to wait for my Valentine to arrive? My make up is not worried about that: my new Laque à Levres from @rouge_baiser_paris is long lasting and super comfortable and I’ll be perfect from now… until late :-) #fillesrouge
  • Best way to enjoy a beautiful sunny day💕💕 #EPACE #livingEPACE #JaguarHunter
#Ad @JaguarItalia

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