My Instagram Week

Some pics of my life taken from my Instragram account!
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 Sprtiz Time…

Finally at the Swimming pool! 

My outfit (you saw it Here)

Changing Shoes

Ready for my first Splash!

My BF’s Labrador <3

Bar Prestige (RE)
Love this Glasses

My Outfit (you saw it Here)

My sister’s shoes

Energy breakfast for my sister’s final exams

My friend’s iPhone cover 

My outfit (u can see it here–>My Saturday Night)

The end of my workout at the Gym 🙁
My outfit (u can see it here–>Aldo, Stripes and Céline)

Love my new clutch!! (u can see it here–> Focus on the Details)

My New Fantastic present: MacBookAir…. I Simply Love him!! :-))))
(thank you my love)


My new body lotion 95% natural

Trying to tan a bit…
My sister with me at dinner

Love this Shoes!

My outfit (u can see it here–>Aldo, Stripes and Céline)

During the Photoshoot

My Bedroom!

Some of my Sunglasses

The most stupid Bracelet ever!! Love and Hate it!

Friday Outfit 
Sushi with my BestFriend Elisa!

Funny People in Parma

Wide Lens

Spritz at Garibaldi Caffè

Raspberry Granita 
Lush Window

My Boy’s Labrador try to exit using the stairs!! 🙂

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