Pics from my Instagram

Hi guys! Here there are some pics taken by my instagram account @styleandtrouble…. Find and follow me!!

My Breakfast

The sports fashion show is starting

Mini CocaCola
Bonne Maman Gallets… I love it!

Strawberry Pink Candy

My wonderful city by night
Ready for the Night

My Alexander McQueen Scarf

Me and My Sister

Mini Oil and Mini Vinegar

Me and my Sister Again…  <3

Me and my cousin Titta, I love this pic!!

ahahaha scritta trovata in università!

before going to bed without make-up! So sleepy!

Ready to go out for Breakfast (i’ve to do an outfit post about this very easy look)

Doing curly hair with not much success! 🙂

Shopping day
Mega Pippo! 

Lasagne cooked by my GrandMa!! gnummy!

The dress

I’m studying all the day…. :-((

Ho deciso di provare il Bioscalin per rinforzare capelli e unghie… voi l’avete mai provato? funziona??

Curly Hair

Me during a fashion show last year

Me house

My Gym is the Best

Me ready for the Fashion Show… You can see the post about it Here

First Cherries of the Year!
My memo in front of my Mac: study or, at least, go to the gym!
What is it? an iPhone 5 or a strange mirror??

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